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Dallas Maynard Jewelry

Ginevra Band

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Wreath of Laurel, Palm and Juniper all inspired through the Ginevra ring design.

Ginevra de' Benci -the portrait painted by Leonardo da Vinci circa 1474 is considered to be one of the first psychological portraits in art history and is the first of only three portraits Leonardo da Vinci painted of women; the other include Mona Lisa in Paris and Woman with an Ermine in Krakow.

The evergreen leaves of juniper that surrounds Ginevra’s face represent a symbol of virtue, and like the inspiration from this painting for this ring- there are a range of lines, light and movement that create a 3 dimensional rhythm to this hand carved creation.

“Capturing a range of emotions in a fraction of a second or to understand one’s personality in a single image is the truest way to represent a person, their “soul” and true essence.”

This hand carved solid gold sentimental token is a symbolic reflection of our own true essence and how we all work in collaboration to bring forth our own real uniqueness.

Ring Details:

Fabricated in recycled 14k yellow gold.

Measures 2.34-2.81mm wide with a depth of 1.80-2mm.

Currently a size 5.5

The Ginevra Ring is made to order in your size, please allow approximately 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

Email us at for an alternative size request.

Each band is hand carved and fabricated in Chicago, IL.

Care Instructions

Sapphire has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale- for example; a diamond is a 10, so this element of hardness makes sapphire a great stone for everyday wear.

We suggest you remove your jewelry before showing, swimming and exercising to insure the longevity of your precious gems.

Tips on cleaning**

The tried-and-true formula for a successful shine and sparkle is simply a soft bristle tooth brush, warm to hot water and dish soap (Dawn or Palmolive does the trick!)- give your jewels a delicate scrub and with the brush, soap and water. It all seems very simple, but trust us-- and they will be shining like new in a flash!

**Avoid cleaning your jewels over the sink or open drain.

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